What The What?

Hi, while getting a haircut my barber showed me a neat business card that included an image that resembled the one above.  I have been warehousing a QR code reader app for about a year or so on my iphone.  You know how your read like “the 25 must-have apps for idevices (mobile phones and handheld devices)” in magazines or websites?  Well, I am always anxious to be on the cutting edge so I review the apps and usually download them for safe keeping. I pulled out my iphone and launched the QR code reader app, scanned the code on the card and it led to his facebook and website.  Now, the image above is called a QR code.  It works pretty much like a bar code.  It stores info about just about whatever you want to access or publicize.  The code above links you to http://www.qrstuff.com, which is a site that shows you how to create QR codes.  I know you have probably seen these images on business cards, or other marketing resources.  Imagine attending a festival, event or any type of public gathering and QR codes are emblazoned on t-shirts, hats and other apparel worn by spectators in the crowd.   I would be inclined to pull out my iphone and scan their codes out of curiosity.  No need to think of any personal introduction to meet or greet people so you can follow them for business or social purposes on the down low. Just QR them! When you see these codes they are literally screaming QR Me! Photo albums, facebook, twitter, instagrams, web sites or whatever you want to publicize, create it in a couple of minutes. Once you download the free QR code reader app start scanning and having fun. Get connected baby!

Please visit the site and send your QR codes so that we can post them and follow you.


Ever see a funny or interesting video and want to share it with someone offline? Well check out one of my “bestest” apps to date. CNET is my go to reference for tech reviews and updates. View their keepvid app video below. Njoy!


Hey, if you are looking for a handy little app to manage, sync and access your photos, documents, video files from anywhere, then this is the app I recommend. Dropbox has simplyfied my life tremendously. Check out the CNET video on handy Dopbox tricks. Njoy!